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Louis from South Africa 15 August 2018, 15:15

Celtic crosses, missionaries, abbeys and all Christian religious things in Ireland. Some people say that St Patrick is the first missionary to Ireland, but Palladius was already a bishop when Patrick arrived. All of this just records the history of those involved with the RC Church.

When I was in County Kerry, I was told that students of the apostles reached Ireland, between 100 and 150 AD. I could not confirm this.

In a similar way, the history of the Celtic Cross, before the 10th century is a bit foggy. It doesn't take away that they are very ornate artefacts. The most simple one I have seen on the Dingle Peninsula. A flat stone, with a circle and an upright cross through it, carved on it.
reply: You are well informed, Louis! In any case the Scottish- Irish missionaries brought the christendom also to the European continent. Heel bedankt!
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