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who we are
So (hopefully) you've liked what you've seen and now you're wondering how this came about. was born in Jan 2006, because 4 photography buffs (a Nigerian, a Dutchman, a Singaporean and a South African - no, it's not the beginning of a bad joke!) couldn't find a photoblogging service we liked. Combining our ambitious nature and technophilia with our love for beautiful images, we got together to create something that would not only suit us both functionally and aesthetically, but hopefully would be of use to other budding photographers out there.
what we do
We make photoblogging as easy and stylish as possible by providing complete hosted photoblogs. We're only at the beginning and to succeed we need your help... We're not backed by venture capitalists and admit we don't have all the answers. However, we are passionate, highly flexible and open to new ideas on how to make your photoblogging experience better. We want to build the best photoblog for everyone and would love to hear your suggestions (features, events, competitions, marketing, etc...). Contact us and we will get back to you. Promise.
our likes
•  amazing photos (though we often disagree)
•  chocolate
•  people who like to share their thoughts
•  the whole global community thingy-mejiggy
•  did we mention chocolate?
our dislikes
•  spammers
•  people who think they're better than everyone
•  marmite (but one of us eats Bovril, yuck!)
•  indian samosas (overdosed)
•  drinks machine downstairs (eats our money OFTEN)
Probably on average we're a pretty chilled group, and hope you'll want to join our community.
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