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frequently asked questions (FAQ)
As we develop and grow the site, there will be alot of new things being developed. In fact they're so new, you will wonder what they are. Hence our FAQ section, where we will endeavour to answer your questions about shutterchance (sorry, we don't cover meaning of life questions or the like). So keep asking and suggesting (check this contact form out for ease) and we'll keep trying to answer. However, hopefully, you'll already have seen the answer further below leaving us more time to further enhance shutterchance for your benefit.

what kind of file can I use?
for the meantime, you can only upload .jpg (we're working on accepting other types) of a minimum resolution of 0.5MPix and size above 64Kb (otherwise we cannot create a reasonably sized image to publish on your photoblog). We also have an upper limit (so that our server doesn't die an ugly death): it's 20MPix with maximum size of 16MB.
what type of photoblog accounts are there?
there are two types of photoblog accounts: Standard and Premium

With the Standard Account you get the following:
  • your own photoblog at
  • get a personalised homepage, which will be your niche on the internet
  • guest book on every photo to receive unlimited comments from your viewers
  • interact with your users to get personalised feedback and critiques and reply to their comments
  • unlimited transfer allowance tuned for heavy photo traffic
  • your photoblog will never be suspended for exceeding a transfer allowance
  • stylish webgallery to showcase your photos
  • a website is like a photo frame. Our stylish photoblogs add class to your photos
  • easy control over your blog using our blog management system
  • everything you need to administer your photoblog is just a click away
  • automatic generation of feeds (rss 1.0, rss 2.0, atom)
  • viewers can track your photoblog with their favourite reader so they know when it's updated
  • usage of many innovative beneficial tools such as ShMood, photo queuing, tags, etc.
  • in response to users feedback, new specific features developed
  • automatic sign up to shutterchance forums
  • extend interaction between shutterchance members and other people into the forums
  • upgradeable at any point to a Premium Account
With the Premium Account you get the following:
  • all benefits of the Standard Account, plus
  • seamlessly upgrade, retaining all features you have come to expect
  • upload as many photos you want and never worry about quotas, limits or losing historic information
  • copyright protection through watermarking of images
  • optional sharpening of image
  • graphical buddies list shortcut
  • priority on new specific features developed and added by the day
Moreover, you show your support by helping us to subsidise the cost of hosting your photoblog.
how free is free?
All Standard Accounts are by default free, that is to say if you do not want to, you never need to subscribe. Unfortunately, there are realities to providing a service for free and we have to impose some limits on the free account. The limits are:
  • only your 30 most recent photos are available to view
  • you cannot watermark your images
With a subscription payment, you help us subsidise the cost of hosting your photoblog. Also, to make sure we do not clutter the directory with unused photoblogs, owners of free accounts must ensure they upload at least one new photo a month to show they are still alive! If not, the account is deactivated.
how much is the paid subscription?
If you've enjoyed your experience of photoblogging and shutterchance in general, want to show your support for us and want to keep all your photos, then you're probably interested in upgrading to a Premium Account. With this there are two modes of paid subscription: monthly and yearly.
  • monthly: this is GB £3.99 paid monthly through your PayPal account.
  • yearly: this is GB £39.99 paid once a year through your PayPal account. It is in fact 20% less than an equivalent monthly account due to lower admininstration needs
If you choose not to pay or stop paying (why?), you will continue with/return to your Standard Account for free except with the limitations explained above.
what happens if my account is deactivated?
Your domain will then once again be available to be used by someone else. We will hold your photos until some one takes the domain that was formerly yours. Ifr you contact us to re-activate the account before then, you keep all your photos and the domain name is no longer available for other people to use.
what happens if I cancel my account?
We will remove the photos you had with us (so you can sleep peacefully at night safe in the knowledge we cannot misuse your photos in the future). Your domain will then once again be available to be used by someone else.
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